Wall-E (2008)

When we reminisce of animated classics, films such as Lion King, Finding Nemo and Toy Story come to mind. These are each excellent in their own way and each having their own variety of lovable characters. So what chance does Wall-E, a film about a robot with a vocabulary as broad as a Pokémon and a handful of robots have to join the hall of fame?

Earth is introduced with literal mountains of rubbish and a yellow hazy atmosphere. Everybody now lives on the Axiom spaceship, a paradise of laziness where people are ferried around on hover chairs with their every need catered for by robots. They’ve also lived on the ship for so many generations that they’ve lost all memories of Earth but there are robots, such as EVE, who scout the Earth’s surface to see if returning is viable. All the robots have personality and none more so than Wall-E, an earth based robot, and one of the last still packaging up waste. 

Suddenly, Wall-E comes across a tiny plant and though he does not know, it signals that Earth can once again be used for farming. The film centres on the dynamic duo of Wall-E and EVE who try to deliver the plant to the Axiom’s control room against an unknown force aboard the ship that is intent on stopping them. The animation work is brilliant meaning there’s bundles of charm and chemistry between the two even without much dialogue. Also because of the reduced dialogue, there’s more time dedicated to the impressive visuals and, as a whole, the film gives out more positive energy than the Energizer bunny.

Under its guise is a typical hero story coupled with one of romance but that does not detract from it as there’s oodles of inventiveness. The themes are wonderfully presented, modern and powerful.  I’ve watched Wall-E multiple times and each time I’ve not been disappointed but instead leaving with a warm fuzzy feeling. As possibly one of the best animations of its decade, you’d have to be a wally to miss it.

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